How do I register?

Are you a new customer? Please register here
Register and remember to give your correct name, telephonenumber, address etc.
You are responsible to keep your registrated information correct.

I can't remember my password

I you cant remember your password you can click "Glömt logindata?" below the log-in field. You will recieve an email with new information to your registerd emailadress. To activate the new password please click the link sent in the email. If the password is not activated you will not be able to log in. 


If you have questions about an object or how to sell, please contact us for consultation and valuation.

You are welcome to contact us or visit us when it suits you! Please see our opening hours here.

You can also contact one of our specialists via email or telephone to arrange a time for consultation, valuation or visit. If you need help with packing, and transport of the items you wish to sell we offer help with this. 

David Wahman
Head specialist, Uppsala
+46 (0)793043640

Anders Söderblom
Head specialist
Design, ceramics, estates and appraisal of bankruptcy assets
+46 (0)763 09 91 79

Karl Söderblom
Antiques, estates, machines and tools
+46 (0)70 622 07 37

Or contact us via email at info@sodersens.se Welcome!


Estimated value?

The estimated price is a valuation our specialist make when looking at each object. The valuation is to be regarded as a marketrelated valuation and an indication made with concern to similar objects. The valuation does not neccesairly correlate with the following bidding. The bidding can start or end both lower and higher than the valuation, 

How do I bid?

The bid you register will always register as a maximum bid. Following bids will always be made as affordable as possible folloing our set bidding steps. 


If you bid 2000 SEK and the bidding stops at 1500 SEK you will win the bidding at 1500 SEK. When a maximum bid has been put your bid will always be raised when another bidder puts their bid. If two bidders put the same maximum bid the bidder who has registerd their bid first will win. You can always raise your own maximum bid without it raising your current bid. You can not lower you maximum bid. 

Each bidding starts with 200 SEK (from March 6th 2023 200 SEK is the starting bid). 

After that, the bid will increase at the following intervals
200-500 SEK, each bid increases with 25 SEK
500-1500 SEK, each bid increases with 50 SEK
1500 - 5000 SEK, each bid increases with 100 SEK
5000 - 10000 SEK, each bid increases with 250 SEK
10000 - 50000 SEK each bid increases with 500 SEK
50000<, each bid increases with 1000 SEK

What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the lowest selling price. The reserve price is hidden but is always below the estimate. If you put a bid which does not reach the reserve price there will be a red text saying "bevakningspris ej uppnått" = "reserve price not reached". If your bid reaches the reserve price there will be a green text saying "bevakningspris uppnått" = "reserve reached".

Why does a new bid register as soon as I put my new bid? 

This will happen when another bidder has put maximum bud higher than your bid.

Why is the same bid registered on two different customernumber?

 If two bidders put the same maximum bid the bidder who has registered their bid first will have the highest bid. 

Why was the auction was extended 2 minutes when I placed my bid?

When you place a bid within the last 2 minutes, the auction will be extended for 2 minutes. 

How do I know if I've won the auction?

You will recieve an email confirming you are the winner fo the auction. You will also be able to see won bids in "Mina sidor".

What is "droit de suite"?

The 'droit de suite', also known as the 'resale right', is a statutory fee that may apply to the purchase of works of art. The aim is to provide the artist or their heirs/family with compensation in the event of the resale of their works. The resale right is active for 70 years after the artist's death. The fee is a maximum of 5% of the hammer price and will be added to the buyer's invoice. It is always stated on the object if it has resale rights.


What does it cost?

Each auction is placed with a commission fee of 22.5% including VAT on the hammer price (the winning bid) and 60 SEK including VAT as a hammer fee. For example, if you win an item for 1000 SEK, the commission fee will be 225 SEK and the hammer fee will be 60 SEK, so you will pay 1285 SEK.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made via "Mina sidor". You will find your invoice on your page under the heading "Varukorg". It is possible to pay by bank card (secure payment solution via Nets), you can also pay via Swish on number 123-4596797 (mark the payment with your customer number).

Of course, you can also pay with a bank card on site when you pick up your purchased items!

We do not accept cash. Neither does payment via AMEX or Diners.

Payments from abroad can be made via:

IBAN: SE83 8000 0830 5500 4285 7045


When do I need to collect my purchases?


Purchased items in Uppsala must be collected no later then 7 days after the auction ended.

After 7 days your item will be stored uninsured with a storage fee of 20 SEK/ auction object and day. 


Purchased items in Bålsta must be collected no later than Friday of the current auction week. Please see opening hours here.

To collect your items you need to bring an ID. If an agent is going to pick up your purchase, you need to notify us via email, the agent needs to state your customer number. 

Bring your own packing material and carrying assistance if necessary.
We offer packing material for those who forgot for cost price of 15 SEK (paid on site with Swish or bank card).

If you are unable to pick up within this time, please inform us via info@sodersens.se and we will help you

Hur beställer jag frakt?

Läs om våra fraktalternativ här:
För att boka frakt maila frakt@sodersens.se
Uppge alltid kundnummer och objektnummer i ditt mail.

How do I order shipping?

Read about our shipping options here
To book shipping, email frakt@sodersens.se

Always state your customer number and object number in your email.

Why doesn't the shipping cost correspond to the postage on a regular letter?

Of course, we offer as favorable shipping as possible for our customers, however, it is always more expensive than sending a regular letter between two private individuals. We always send our freight with DHL or private professional hauliers, this is because we e.g. must have traceability and insurance on the goods we send. It also means an administrative cost for us to handle freight, e.g. receiving freight orders, packaging, packing and ordering transports. We strive to keep shipping costs down as much as possible, feel free to compare ourselves with other auction houses, and you will see that we are significantly lower in price.

How often do you register new objects?

We aim to have items for auction 4 days a week in Uppsala, around 300-500 items/week. New items will be published daily.

In Bålsta we have auctions 2 days/month. 

New items will be published daily.

What happens with unsold items?

The seller will be contacted and can collect their items within 14 days.

What are your openinghours?

Our Uppsala office is open

Monday Stängt
Tuesday 12.30-16.30
Wednesday 12.30-16.30
Thursday 12.30-16.30
Friday 12.30-16.30
Saturday Stängt
Söndag Stängt

Our Bålsta office has special opening hours

Only weeks 9, 14, 18, 22 and 27

Monday - wednesday 14.00-16.00
Thursday - friday 12.30-16.30
Saturday Stängt
Sunday Stängt

Can I use your images?

Our images are protected by rights and may not be used for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.